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Floatation Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are used for floatation due their very useful characteristics. Various foams such as polyurethane, EPS, Styrofoam and others are good materials for building float docks, floating gears, floating devices, rafts, boats, and others. They are very light weight and buoyant enabling them to support about 960 kgs weight with 1 cu m size. Density can range from 32 kg/m3 to higher values depending upon the material used. Boats with foams on their bodies can remain afloat even if they are capsized with water. They are strong and rigid even on water environment, water and moisture free, non-corrosive, resistant to oil and gasoline, good insulators, easy to cut and form, very versatile and inexpensive.  Common sizes available commercially can have 1×2 m to 2×4 m with varying thickness. Bigger sizes are also manufactured on customer’s request and machine capacities.  They can be manufactured in blocks and panels and can be downsized easily for smaller dimension applications such as die cuts, dock edges protectors, floating jackets fillers, floating balls, floating drums and others.

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