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EPS Foam Blocks

EPS is a term referring to expanded polystyrene which is a long chain polymer of styrene monomer. It is derived from small beads of polystyrene resins, subjected to polymerization process, and then made into various sizes such as EPS foam blocks. Density of EPS can range from 16-640 kg/m3 and R value of about 0.7 m2-K/(W-in) or an average of R4.2 which can increase for higher density materials.  Foam blocks of EPS are very light weight, water resistant, sound resistant, rigid, strong and very versatile which makes them very useful to various applications. Applications include construction, insulation, food, marine, arts and other industries.  They are very effective in packaging various items even with irregular sizes and forms. They serve as protection from external impacts, external pressures, temperature changes, and moisture, thereby, maintaining the product’s original state. Major food industries are using EPS foam blocks, cutting them into various shapes and sizes for protection of their final food products especially those which are sensitive to extreme temperatures.