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Carvable Foam Blocks

Blocks of foam are preferred materials for carving due to their very unique characteristics. Carvable foam blocks such as EPS, Styrofoam and others are manufactured in big blocks reaching to sizes with 40” x 24” x 10 “. Other blocks have varying thicknesses depending upon customer’s request. For applications requiring bigger sizes, these blocks can be glued together. Densities of carvable foams can vary from 1 lb up to 12 lbs or even higher. These blocks are used by artists, marine industries, architects, interior designers, students, museums, schools, libraries, commercial complex, malls and other industries. They are generally light weight yet very rigid and strong. They are not affected by moisture, water and even extreme temperatures. Even their R values stay intact for a very long period of time. They are also cut very easily with the use of chainsaws, knives, sandpapers, hand saws, die grinders, hot wires, cutters and others. Once these foams are carved, they can be colored and finished using foam compatible materials and can even serve as firm foundations for many other items that may be placed on them.

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